And here’s the making of the Cops and Robber video.  How did they do that? Cheat codes maybe?

"Creativity has the power to transform human behavior."  Words of wisdom form the prestigious ad agency Leo Burnett.  It’s worth the watch, make it a priority.

My mind was blown the first time I saw this video.  If you sit back and think for a second, how the hell did they do that?  How did they make what I’m seeing.  It’s one of the best displays of cops and robbers and done in such an original way.

Props are given from me to the Directors and Producers and Actors that participated in this breathtaking visual opulence.

The Hand Squid- a fun little video I made while my little wifey and I were on our honeymoon in the Bahamas.  While we were snorkeling we found killer hand squids that sucked off our faces.

Boredom is Productive

Recent research reveals that our brains need a certain amount of downtime, that is, boredom, in order to be productive. Those moments when our minds wander are the moments that give us breakthrough thinking, insight and innovation. Reaching for the Blackberry when you’re stuck in a line-up, or processing e-mail during tedious meetings: these activities displace the former vacancies from which aha! moments once emerged. This is the year to commit to a minimum RDA of boredom, to foster habits that keep you from filling every moment with productive or engaging activity.  Full article here


interesting article

K’naans’ song for Haiti.  It’s a pretty sweet collaboration by a lot of amazing Artists

interesting video………..why did they do it?        any thoughts?       what did you get out of it?   cause i don’t know what to think……maybe someone can help me out here.

Futbol…cheat codes?

um…………yea…………love……………….unhealthy obsession………….wow.

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"I am rejoicing in your joy and your story and success is my sucess as is mine thine for we are homies throughout all of time."

— Uncle Ben (Words of Wisdom through Google Chat)

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Stand By Me from across the World.  The first time I saw this I felt like somebody poured a warm glass of water in my soul that permeated throughout my veins.  This song just gives out the good vibes.  May we all give out good vibes no matter your race, religion, or place in the world.

I’m still wiping my eyes from the tears of laughter and Joy as I post this video.

This will brighten up your day.